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Social Media, SMO, SMM, Facebook Certification Traning

In this module you learn about social media, how to create social media page for business, celebrity, brand, artist, entertainment, community, social media optimisation process, social media marketing strategies and how social media is beneficial for any business or persons.

Also in this module you learn free and paid camping setup and promotion activities using all social media website (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and Pinterest), goal setup for business and ROI calculation.

In this module you learn why SMM is essential for every business and how to optimize social media pages, how to make brand awareness of any company or product with low budget or no budget.

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  • In this module we cover
  • What is Social Media and its optimisation process?
  • Difference b/w SMO and SMM?
  • How to Create Professional Profile Pages in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and Pinterest)?
  • Which Business page is more beneficial for Business Branding?
  • How to start business branding in FB and other social sites?
  • Type of Promotion in Facebook?
  • Facebook Camping Creation, Promotion with target audience and monitoring
  • Goal Setup and ROI Calculation
  • Benefit of Social Media, SMO, SMM, Facebook Certification Traning
  • Social Media Marketing can easily boost and create brand awareness of any website or product or person in the internet.

    So with the help of this module you learn product or company brand awareness and business boost up techniques in Social Medias through free or paid camping activities.

    Also in this module you learn lead generation process and techniques.

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